Strona: Project workshops in Italy / Janus Project

Project workshops in Italy

red. Dorota Stadnicka

Multiplieyer event in Turin, Italy

7-8 April 2022

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Presentation of the JANUS project to participants of the workshops in Italy


Workshops organized by POLITO and SYNAREA.

Innovative corporate and academic training methods for collaborative robotics through the use of Virtual Reality Solutions based on Virtual Reality and on standard IoT messaging protocols in a "safe", "effective" and highly "explorable" environment, to improve training objectives. Can be integrated on LMS platforms for learning analysis and evaluation

  • The JANUS European Project for teaching and resilient training in times of COVID
  • Digital twin of collaborative robots
  • Virtual laboratory for remote training

 Two use cases created:

  • the collaborative robotics laboratory of the Polytechnic of Turin
  • the laboratory of the Polish University POLITECHNIKA RZESZOWSKA IM IGNACEGO LUKASIEWICZA in Rzeszów